Sunday, January 24, 2010

Affiliate Millionaire – Why Will You Want This System?

You will want to make the Affiliate Millionaire your own, because it goes above and beyond most of the other Internet marketing systems available. Where most systems ask for a rather low amount of money as your initial investment, they often also often give you a rather low amount of return on your investment. So, do I say you have to spend money to make money? Not as an absolute statement, since a few of us have made it to the top on pretty much nothing, but generally speaking: yes you do.

Let me give you a bit of an Affiliate Millionaire review. So what’s different about the Affiliate Millionaire besides its price tag? Well for once, it’s a physical product, not a download. You will receive the Affiliate Millionaire at your doorstep, consisting of seven modules of DVDs, each containing 2 - 4 videos with a mixture of professional real life video, Power Point slides and screen cam recording.

Click here to go to the Affiliate Millionaire’s official website.

Through these the Affiliate Millionaire will teach you how to be:

Module 1- Researching the Markets that contain HUNGRY buyers who want to spend money. And the difference between the different kinds of markets.

Module 2- Building your list. Andrew has negotiated a Deal With Ryan Diess where he will be giving him his Under Cover List Profits in this course which is top notch and hits the nail right on the head as well as including a lot of his own techniques.

Module 3 – ‘Correlation Connection’ – Creating Instant Relationships With subscribers and an in depth look at the psychology of email marketing.

Module 4 – Pre Launch Pages – Video Overviews about why pre launch pages are so important with real life proof.

Module 5 – Bonuses Module – how to get the *right* bonuses to boost conversions. Pre Set Email swipe.

Module 6 – Launch day Affiliate promotions – Sequence. The Exact Timing.

Module 7 – Integrated Affiliate Marketing – Proof and stats of auto responder swaps members areas, attracting buyers’ leads etc.

After having had a sneak peek at Module 1 of the Affiliate Millionaire myself, I got pretty excited about this system. First of all the quality of the video goes way beyond of what we are used to from Internet marketing systems. Beside the video you get homework books that go hand in hand with the lesson to take notes, which always helps enormously to commit facts to memory. It’s interactive learning, which is the kind you reap the greatest benefits from. So instead of an Affiliate Millionaire scam we are dealing with a system that “raises the bar”, to put it into Andrew Fox’s own words.

You have to ask yourself how far you want to get in the Internet marketing arena and how much time you have to get there. I’m convinced that the Affiliate Millionaire has the makings of paving that road for you.

Click here to go to the Affiliate Millionaire’s official website.